Do you own land in the Bay Area?

Want to Capitalize on your Property with a Solar Land Lease?

Sustainable Agricultural Use while Saving the World!

Our partnerships in Bay Area allow land owners to lease their property for a solar farm and add a significant income stream to their otherwise unused acreage.

Sunwalker believes in building strong relationships with Land Owners. Our seasoned team works closely with landowner partners to understand and achieve customized, individual needs. We communicate and work closely with landowners from the beginning stages of site discussions to completion of the development.


Established relationships with  local City jurisdictions, means we are able to move quickly through the process of permitting and environmental approvals; through all phases of construction; and through obtaining interconnection with PG&E for each project.


Our site designs  guarantee that the land is minimally disrupted. Our panels are scalable and customizable to fit each project. At the end of the life of each project, we remove the system and bring the land back to its original condition prior to the solar farm being installed.


Sustainable Development

No more than 10% of the land is used for solar, allowing other farming activities like grazing.

Interested in discussing a land lease, contact us today and start generating income tomorrow.

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