Are you a Building Owner in the Bay Area?

Add us as a Tenant on your Roof to generate extra Revenue.

When a building owner leases the floor space inside a building to a client, it maintains control of the roof space, and leases it to Sunwalker, who pays for the installation of solar equipment and leases the roof over a 20 year period.

Roof top lease payments are paid monthly and the renewable energy is off-loaded to the grid and sold to a local Community Choice Aggregator (CCA).

So while building owners can use solar rooftops to reduce demand from traditional energy sources and help states meet renewable portfolio standards, they also create two separate and profitable revenue streams for the same square footage, and turn the ultimate wasted space - an empty warehouse roof - into very valuable real estate.

Sustainable Industrial Real Estate

Don't Waste your Roof, leaving it Empty.

Self Storage Facilities Are Ideal

for Solar Tenants

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