100% Renewable Energy

We Believe that the entire Bay Area can be Powered by Renewable Energy.


Commitment to the Bay Area.

Local Renewable Energy


Our goal is to develop over 500MW of clean, renewable solar energy projects within the Bay Area before 2030.

Local Jobs


We'll hire over 95% of our construction jobs from workers that live in the Bay Area.

Educating Local Schools


Local School Districts within the Bay Area will be able to take field trips to our solar farms and we will provide in-class curriculum focused around sustainability, renewable energy & climate change.

Local Equipment Suppliers


We'll look to procure over 95% of the equipment used in our solar farms from our partner companies that operate in the Bay Area. This includes solar panels, trackers, inverters and balance of system equipment purchased from local companies.

Local Trust


Our focus is 100% on the Bay Area and helping our local residents & businesses become part of the renewable energy economy while combating the ever-increasing effects of climate change.

Low Impact on Land

Our solar development activities are different than most. We look to have as little impact on the land that we build our solar farms on. That means the impact of the solar farms is less than 10% of the overall space we use and we leave the rest for sheep grazing, bee farming and growing crops.



Our goal at Sunwalker is to help contribute the local renewable energy economy around the Bay Area and the operating Community Choice Aggregation programs. All of our solar farms fall within the 9-County Bay Area boundary, providing benefit to the local community with clean, renewable energy, local jobs, local suppliers, education, & low impact on our natural surroundings. Over the next 13 years, we hope to contribute to over 5,000 acres of solar development within the Bay Area providing more than $800 million of local economic benefit.


Our Home, Our Energy, Our Economy.




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ALSET Solar Ranch

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